At this point in my career, I find myself following increasingly varied bodies of work: still life, narrative, and recently, abstraction. No one subject matter, style, or technique can supply all the types of expression that I feel compelled to explore. I am a person with perhaps too many interests for my own good. There are, however, certain themes that recur in my work, regardless of its orientation.

One such theme is my interest in the material of paint itself: the layering of it, the manipulation of opaque and transparent pigment, the varied techniques and directions and speeds of application, the degree of viscosity, the embedded syntax and history of the marks on the canvas, and the power of all these things to move our eyes or provoke our attention.

Another theme deals with the interaction of opposites: the lost and found edge, the relationship between object and ground, the revealing and concealing of visual form, as well as the revealing and concealing of meaning. There is such mystery to be experienced in that space that exists between the known and the unknown, the real and the imagined, and the seen and the unseen. This is the space which I hope my paintings inhabit.

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